Spring Cleaning

This week, we have a brief inter-semester break after spring grades have been turned in but before summer classes begin. The little ones are still in daycare (unless they’re not (illness (goddammit))), so this means we adults have some time to do all the things around the house that we haven’t been able to keep up with during the past few months.

So far, we’ve: cleaned out the garage, which included breaking down and recycling about 47,000 Amazon Prime boxes; scrubbed the mildew (?) off of the many, many parts of the wrap-around porch railings; cleaned most of the inside of the house including bathrooms, floors; dusted; reorganized the toy/bookshelf in the kids’ room; done all manner of backed-up and neglected laundry (guest sheets and towels! My Nemesis!). This is in addition to the regular upkeep type of laundry, dishes, kitchen, etc. cleaning that occurs as a byproduct of daily life and is increased when people are sick. (We’ve had a stomach bug in the house this week, so bleached ALL THE THINGS.)

Isn’t that exciting? Aren’t you so pleased that we finally got the chance to do some of this stuff? Isn’t spring cleaning such a thrill?

Then you’ll be on the edge of your seat to find out what still needs to be done:

  • The closet of doom needs to be emptied and purged reorganized. Do you have a closet of doom? Ours is in the guest room. I know there’s some important stuff in there that I definitely need but can’t get to because DOOM.
  • The Giant Shrub needs to be cut down to size, and the Less Giant But Still Ridiculous Shrubs do as well. I am done gently suggesting we hire a professional for this job and just silently grumbling as people discuss maybe going to Lowe’s to buy a chainsaw and do it themselves.
  • The master bedroom Clothing Storage Situation needs to be dealt with. It is at Threat Level Orange and cannot continue.
  • Borrowed baby gear needs to be returned to my friend who loaned it to us, which I had planned to to weeks ago and arranged with her via text and then we all got sick and so I completely flaked and now I’m embarrassed to reach out again to ask when I can bring it because I feel totally incompetent. (Someone tell me you’ve done this, too. I am NOT normally a flake, I SWEAR.)

What else should I get done while I can?


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